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On this website we want to deal with the most important fields of science and life: mathematics, finance and programming. You will be informed about the latest news, which consider these fields. As well there are some elucidated basics on this site.


Especially nowadays, mathematics becomes more and more important. The term is derived from the Greek word μάθημα (matema) and can be described as “knowledge”, “study” or “learning”. This science prospects change, quantity, space and structure. Another task of mathematics is the resolving of the truth and falsity by means of mathematical proof.

The most important mathematicians are Galileo Galilei and Albert Einstein. Both scientists defined the field of mathematics as a discipline, which is able to combine life and science. And it is already experienced, that, especially nowadays, different mathematical or other fields of science interact with reality and as well with themselves. A few fields are listed in the following:

  • Applied mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Natural Science
  • Social Science


On the one hand, finance can be describes as a money managing discipline or as a “Funds Management”. Nowadays, the definition changed, as there are a lot of fields, which belongs to this science:

  • Marketing
  • Cash- or Money-Management
  • Instruments
  • Markets
  • Trading
  • Liability
  • Risks


Programming becomes more and more famous. Since the movie “The social network”, everyone knows a few facts about this science. But, of course, learning and working with it is much harder. The so called computer programming, or as well coding, deals with different tasks:

  • Designing
  • Writing
  • Testing
  • Debugging

As well there are a lot of algorithms or languages that need to be possessed. One of these “high-level programming languages” is Phyton. The most important feature of this language is the code readability. Python, as a scripting language, is used as well for non-scripting coherences.